To build a successful application all you need an innovative idea , a tempting design , a talented mobile development team and a good marketing strategy .The best thing is that you have come to the right place because , we have a perfect blend of all these ingredients required to create an incredible app .We not only build application but also provide end to end solution that covers the entire product life cycle. We always go for excellence. If you have an idea come work with us and lets create a better tomorrow .



A strategy defines what to do and what not to do . An idea does not ensure 100% success without a proper strategy. A strategy levers an idea from scratch to success. We help in redefining an idea and building a road map .


A design is a synthesis of UI/UX , a science of making user's life easy. Its an aesthetics of appearance and path that the user follows. Stronger the design , stronger the client loyalty .


An idea to mature require a team of talented and experienced developers to convert it into an amazing application. We have a team that can create an application on any of the platform such as iOS, Android,Windows, according to the requirement.


The task remain incomplete without marketing.Right marketing strategy helps in reaching the target audience and also helps in monetization of the app in a cost efficient way. We have got excellent marketeer to fulfill this task.


We develop apps with google analytics that helps developers to understand how users are using the application . If required we also provide customize analytics along with graphs and charts to understand user behavior .


We not only make applications but also provide infrastructure as a service to our clients. We provide and manage infrastructure to host and deploy apps along with backend support


We have got experience to develop an application on any of the platform such as Android , iOS, Windows, and Hybrid (Html 5 and Titanium) as per the requirement. Lets communicate your idea to us and see the results.

Technology Stack

Frontend : Android ,iOS , Windows, HTML5 and Titanium
Backend : Php, Java, NodeJs, .Net and also providing solutions using open sources like word press ,joomla , magento, drupal.
DataBases : mysql, mongoDb, sql server, Oracle etc as DBMS.
Servers OS : Linux/Unix/Windows servers
Managed Infra : AWS, Softlayers, Azure, Heizner

Our Clients

Havas Media
Amar Ujala
Jack In The Box
News 24
Delhi Press
Aug 2
Aug 2

Free design service week

The application design is very important step while building your application. It brings clarity to you idea, clarifies your thoughts and help you understand the user journey. The design is the first step to visualise the idea in reality. Benefit of design 1. Idea clarity Sometime, we don’t have clarity on idea. But when we […]

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Jun 4
Jun 4

Content Consumption Pattern through Mobile Apps

Recently Apple announced that its App Store has served up more than 100 billion app downloads till date which clearly indicates people across the globe are consuming huge amount of  data through mobile application rather than web searches . Even the experts predicted that web is going to die, WAP and App is going to […]

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Jun 3
Jun 3

Age of Smart Watch

The year 2015 came up with some extremely exciting objects that have completely revolutionised the technological space. Apple’s Smartwatches are the biggest example . Looking at the prevailing trend the big giant entered the ring with their own smart watch that is beautifully constructed and very compact . Includes hundreds of apps and various fitness […]

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Jun 2
Jun 2

Hot Star success story

A simple digital media app that created a benchmark with 10 million downloads in just 40 days of its launch . Whereas the other top grossing apps such as Facebook took around 10 months , Instagram took 2.5 months and twitter approximately a year to reach the million users club , however hotstar is just […]

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